What to Wear For Engagement Photos

Stripes? Navy? How casual is too casual?

This is one of my most asked questions as a photographer. Engagement sessions are a huge milestone, and oftentimes it’s the first time some couples get their photos professionally taken together, so it makes sense that this question is asked a lot!

I have a few recommendations, the first would be to keep the color pallet of what you’re wearing pretty neutral. Neutral could mean light cream colors, warm tones, or even lighter blues and grays. Whatever neutral means to you, stick to that. I want you to still love your photos as the years pass, even when this time’s fast fashion trend passes as quickly as it came.

For the same reason as above, I would recommend avoiding large prints or things that are very visually distracting. I want the focus to be on you and the love you share with your partner! If you want to spice things up, pick a cute statement earring that coordinates with your outfit. It adds a little complexity without distracting the viewer.

My most important recommendation would be to wear something you’re comfortable and confident in. Do you love that strappy new top? Have some killer heels to go with that denim skirt? Save them! Or, wear them, but also bring a change of clothes that are a bit more comfortable. You don’t want to be fiddling with your strapless top for most of the session, or in fear that you’re going to twist an ankle because of your shoe choice. You’ll feel more comfortable in front of the lens if you are actually comfortable.

My last piece of advice is to coordinate with your significant other; this simple thing is going to make such a difference in the vibe of your photos! You don’t have to be on another level of ‘matchy-matchy’, but some coordination is always a nice touch.