The Power of Black & White

I'm one that loves color in photography. Generally muted, less saturated, analogous colors. I love to see someone's natural complexion, the color of their hair against their skin, the shades of green behind them.

Sometimes, though, there's power in black and white.

Color, or lack thereof can be used as a creative element. I prefer to use black and white when the backgrounds are busy, or very simple. It simplifies the work that the viewer's eye needs to do to focus on what you're trying to show or communicate to them.

When you take color out of the creative mix, you have the ability to experiment with other tools to perfect your image. I like to experiment with texture and balance, specifically grain and contrast. Adding a little grain can make the image have a film/vintage vibe. Heightening the contrast can increase the highs and lows between the blacks and whites and the drama it has on the image. Recently, I've been experimenting with motion.

I like to let the images do the talking when I shoot in black and white.